Architecture for Kids
A History of American Houses
The Basics of Design
Every house in America is unique. Whether built in 1620 or 1990, it may reflect merely a need to provide cheap basic housing or more interestingly an understanding of design in a particular time by its architect or builder. Here we are interested in design styles, where they came from and how they developed into the mainstream of American housing. The house you live in fits somewhere in this continuum, which is not a progression from basic to stylish, but merely a story of change and new ideas. Major trends are explored here: Aborations and variations can be researched further in the many resources described in the media section of this site. We hope you will enjoy this journey of exploration and will find your travels through America more interesting because of knowledge you have gained here.
Basic Houses Victorian Houses (1860-1900)
Colonial Houses (1600-1820) Eclectic Houses  (1880-1940)
Romantic Houses (1820-1880 Houses Since 1940
Definition of Architecture

Types of Architecture

How Cultural Values are Reflected by Architecture

Media of Interest on Architecture

A Chronology of American Architecture

Innovative Architects of their time: Palladio, Jones, Wren, Hawksmoor, Vanbrugh, Gibbs, Adam, Harrison , Bullfinch, Jefferson, Upjohn, White, Hunt

Contemporary architects:

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